Bercode owner

To what extent the discount should be provided to bercode-owners?

There is no minimum discount defined in the Bercode platform. Logically, the higher the discount rate, the greater the inspiration for bercode owners to make a purchase at that particular point of acceptance. The higher the acquisition commission you pay (at least 3% or multiples thereof) as a priority merchant, the greater the inspiration for bercode issuers to offer your acceptance site to their own communities, thus providing you with potential additional traffic.

What kind of information do legal statements contain?

The legal notices contain legal, user and practical information regarding the use of the Bercode platform, terms and conditions, regulations and agreements concerning the roles of owner, issuer and merchant.

Are there any products or services that are excluded from the discount?

Clause 3.7 of Annex 3 to the Terms of use regulates the products and services that are excluded from the scope of discounts, these are the followings: highway toll vignettes, tobacco products, tires, public transport tickets, mobile phone recharge and mobile phone recharge cards, LPG, coursebooks, newspapers, and prescription-only products.

What happens if the back side of the card uploaded by the customer is rejected in the web shop?

The customer will be notified of the rejection by e-mail with the reasoning of the bercode issuer. In this case, the back side of the card changes back to what was originally specified by the bercode issuer.

What should I do if I have a question about the Terms of use?

Contact us through “Contact” menu in the lower right corner of the platform!

Does the name and e-mail address entered incorrectly during registration affect the use of the platform?

The inaccurate name not, but the email address yes. In the latter case, you must immediately enter the platform and change the e-mail address to correct one, because without it e.g. password reminder can no longer be requested.

Can I re-register again with the same email address?

No, because the primary ID is the email address.

How do I delete a Bercode account?

In the Bercode owner services role in the Profile Data submenu, clicking the Delete User button at the bottom right of the page will permanently (irreversibly) delete that user account.