Learn how to use the Bercode platform easily!

This knowledge portal was created to guide you through the functions that can be used in the three main roles of the Bercode platform (owner, issuer, merchant) and thus to answer your questions.

The main purpose of Benefit Barcode, Inc.’s platform is to help, even free of charge, communities serve their members easily, cost-effectively, and provide extra external customer benefits, as well as generate additional traffic for their retail partners.

Bercode platform

platform structure, use, registration

Bercode owner services

you have one or more bercodes and want to take advantage of discounts or other benefits

Bercode issuer services

as a community leader, you want to issue bercode carrier (cards, keychains, etc.) to your customers, members, supporters, fans etc.

Bercode merchant services

as a merchant or local service provider, you want to increase your turnover with the purchases of community members