Bercode issuer

What is meant by the term “bercode carrier”?

Those products (card, keychain, sticker, later mug, t-shirt, scarf, cap, etc.) on which the bercodes can be displayed and presented.

What kind of information do legal statements contain?

The legal notices contain legal, user and practical information regarding the use of the Bercode platform, terms and conditions, regulations and agreements concerning the roles of owner, issuer and merchant.

What does it mean in a web shop that a product is the defaulted?

In the Bercode webshop, the Bercode issuer determines which product will be primarily for sale. The customer sees these settings on the particular bercode carrier (e.g. card) first, i.e. he is more likely to choose it. (The bercode issuer can set this parameter in the Web shop products submenu.)

What does it mean in a web shop that a product cannot be sold?

The sale of the created product must be separately authorized, otherwise the product will not appear in the web shop. If the bercode issuer wishes to suspend the sale of the set product or does not wish to sell it yet, it may provide that this product shall be placed in the “not for sale” category. The marketability of a given product can be activated at any time.

What does superadministrator access level mean?

By default, a superadministrator is any user who creates a given partner profile. You can only waive this right if you have in the meantime invited another user as a superadministrator.

In what cases does a bercode issuer usually restrict the display of point of acceptance?

This is viable if, for example, an issuer enters into an agreement with a merchant that, in exchange for higher discounts, may only offer that merchant to members of his/her community.

Is there a charge for displaying Bercode points of acceptance on my own website?

No. (See Bercode issuer services role, Receive Location Data submenu.)

How can certain points of acceptance be excluded from being seen by members of that community?

In the Bercode issuer services role, Point of Acceptance management menu, Merchants submenu, you can select points of acceptance unwanted for displaying.

Can I increase my balance at the expense of my bercode credit?

After purchasing a confirmed bercode credit, orders can be flexibly converted from credit, but the balance cannot be refilled from unused bercode credit.

Can the bercode credit be used flexibly?

The bercode credit can be retrieved with any service level (Classic, Extra, Business) and validity period.

What happens if the back side of the card uploaded by the customer is rejected in the web shop?

The customer will be notified of the rejection by e-mail with the reasoning of the bercode issuer. In this case, the back side of the card changes back to what was originally specified by the bercode issuer.

What should I do if I have a question about the Terms of use?

Contact us through “Contact” menu in the lower right corner of the platform!

Does the name and e-mail address entered incorrectly during registration affect the use of the platform?

The inaccurate name not, but the email address yes. In the latter case, you must immediately enter the platform and change the e-mail address to correct one, because without it e.g. password reminder can no longer be requested.

Can I re-register again with the same email address?

No, because the primary ID is the email address.

How do I delete a Bercode account?

In the Bercode owner services role in the Profile Data submenu, clicking the Delete User button at the bottom right of the page will permanently (irreversibly) delete that user account.

At what intervals can it be drawn from the balance?

There is no time or amount limit on reducing your balance. A Bercode issuer can withdraw from balance to itself at any time by accepting a fee in amount of $ 10 per transaction or the equivalent in local currency.

Is it possible to increase or decrease the balance in cash?

No, only credit or transfer methods are available.

If someone joins a friend’s business as a Priority Merchant, will he/she receive a commission on it´s purchases?

Yes, if the merchant connects to the platform with his/her bercode. The business model is shown in this infographics.

What to do if the order is a larger quantity than the available bercode credit?

A new bercode credit must be assigned from the available balance (after uploading if necessary).

What does the card graphics related to the sticker mean?

When ordering stickers, selecting the appropriate card graphics will allow the future user to display the appropriate card graphics in the application if the future user registers their bercode.

Can previously issued cards be retrofitted with bercodes?

Yes, with validation stickers that include bercodes.